1. Veev’s been around for a couple of years. I enjoy it not just it’s a solidly refreshing, naturally flavored spirit. But because it’s a responsible company that gives back to the community it has business with. It’s pretty much the Tom’s Shoes of booze. So you can drink a ton of it and feel good about yourself.

    Till next month!


    We’ll be putting up a new menu the first Tuesday of every month until this becomes a bad idea or until I get fired, which ever comes first. Thanks again for following us and coming in for a cocktail. Just for you fine folks, we’ll be offering last month’s menu as well. -E. Jay

  3. I had this idea the other day. We’re a “speakeasy” style bar but outside of not having a sign out front there’s really not much speakeasy-ish about us. So here it is, a secret menu made for you our Facebook Page likers and Twitter followers.

    I’ve trained my staff to not acknowledge that this exists even though they definitely know how to make these drinks. If you ask about it they will deny it at every turn. So you the customer must ask for these drinks by name. Luckily two of them this month are pretty awesome classic cocktails so that should help.

    Thanks for liking and following us! 

    -E. Jay